Qualifying as a Solicitor

What are my chances of getting into the Institute of Professional Legal Studies?

Not all firms of solicitors offer training contract places. Recently there have not been as many training contract opportunities as there are places at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies ("ILPS"). You need to both pass the ILPS entrance exam and be awarded a training contract by a firm regulated to practice in Northern Ireland.

What if I don't get in?

There are a number of options available to you if you don't secure a training contract in Northern Ireland or a place at the ILPS and wish to pursue a career in law including trying to qualify as a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

Can't I do the LPC in England & Wales?

In England and Wales law graduates can enrol for the postgraduate Legal Practice Course (LPC) with a variety of university providers and pay the fees and fund living expenses for the year as well.

If I get my LPC am I qualified?

In England and Wales there is competition for a limited number of available training contracts for those who have successfully completed their LPC. The competition for training contracts with the leading solicitors firms is fierce.

So what does all this mean?

  • Pass the IPLS entrance exam and secure a training contract so you can take up a place at the Institute
  • Obtain the LPC qualification in England and Wales in the hope of securing a training contract there.
  • Consider an alternative strategy such as a paralegal position with Wilson Nesbitt either as a permanent career or to gain experience before speculating more funds towards your qualification goal. 

Trainee Solicitors

We seek to employ the best Law graduates who will contribute to the continued success of Wilson Nesbitt. We employ Law graduates as legal paralegals  and start their practical legal training in both the technical and the soft skills that make good lawyers. When we select trainee solicitors we are looking for future partners in the firm. We want to bring the best out of people and aim to provide excellent all round training.

If you are academically excellent, thrive in a dynamic environment and are able to overcome rather than create obstacles with a view to meeting our clients' commercial and personal goals, you may have what it takes to meet our exacting standards.

We see the training contract as the most valuable way to sustain our growth and the quality of service to clients upon which our reputation as a progressive, innovative, IT orientated law firm which sets standards in many areas of practice has been built.

Should you decide to join Wilson Nesbitt you will learn and grow within the firm that values and rewards, the ability, personality, initiative and commitment of its people above all else.

You will be part of a team that encourages open communication, promotes the exploration of new ideas and rewards individual effort and achievement.