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100 operations cancelled at Belfast hospital since November

100 operations cancelled at Belfast hospital since November

By Gillian Crotty New figures reveal that 100 operations have been cancelled at the Musgrave Park hospital in Belfast in the last 3 months, with staff saying the supposedly specialist hospital... Read more

Northern Ireland company fined after fatal work accident

By Gillian Crotty A Northern Ireland company has been hit with a fine of over £100,000 after an employee was killed in a work accident that the court said resulted from... Read more

Bank of England suggests 0.5pc interest rate increase per year

By Natasha Adamson The Bank of England have again confirmed that they are "in no rush to raise" interest rates, with their chief economist suggesting that the rate might reach no... Read more

Divorce among over-50s is up but negligence on Wills remains

By Lenore Rice The number of people over the age of 50 having a divorce has increased by 85 per cent since 2000, yet there is still the same negligence as... Read more

Fewer hospitals would tackle medical negligence in NI

By Gillian Crotty A review of the Northern Ireland health service has concluded that the healthcare given to patients would improve if there were fewer hospitals. The report points out that elsewhere... Read more

100mph drink driver was two times over the legal limit

By Gary Adair Excessive speed and drink driving are two of the largest causes of road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and last weekend one... Read more

Medical negligence barrister paid £2m compensation

By Gillian Crotty A medical negligence barrister has been awarded £2million compensation after an NHS appendix surgery went horribly wrong. Gerwyn Samuel, aged 51, attended Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead for appendix... Read more

Public warned to avoid disused buildings after asbestos exposure

By Gillian Crotty The public has been warned to avoid entering disused buildings after a teenager entered an abandoned hotel and was exposed to asbestos dust. A 16-year-old girl entered the former... Read more

Expert says waiting times at hospitals will get worse

By Gillian Crotty A leading health expert is predicting that NHS waiting times for cancer treatment and routine operations will get worse, and that a Government bailout will eventually be required... Read more

Compensation for man detained over mental health concerns

By Gary Adair The need for improved awareness and treatment of people suffering from mental health issues in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK has been in the media... Read more