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Employers could lose fifth of staff to Black Friday shopping

Employers could lose fifth of staff to Black Friday shopping

By Gillian Crotty Employers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are likely to have a reduced workforce on Friday 27th November, as it has been suggested that thousands... Read more

Advice for separated parents planning their first Christmas apart

By Lenore Rice The holiday season can take a lot of careful planning at the best of times - getting the right gifts, dedicating equal time around two families in the... Read more

Don't be the talk of the office Christmas party for the wrong reasons

By Gillian Crotty Employers and employees around Northern Ireland are getting ready for the annual office party, no doubt recalling some of the more exciting moments from the year before, and... Read more

Over 5,100 property purchases in Northern Ireland in third quarter

By Lauren Burns There were over 5,100 house purchases in Northern Ireland between the months of July and September according to new figures from the NI Statistics and Research Agency. The research... Read more

High rate of stillbirths in UK could be reduced by better medical care

By Gillian Crotty An investigation into stillbirths in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK has suggested that better medical care could have been given in two-thirds of the cases... Read more

Remortgaging activity increased by 53 per cent in October

By Natasha Adamson There was a 53 per cent increase in remortgage activity in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in October compared to the same month last year,... Read more

Reminder to write a Will in November and our fee goes to charity

By Lenore Rice We are just past the half-way mark of Make A Will month, in which you can write a Will and make a donation to charity instead of paying... Read more

What Northern Ireland car owners need to know about the emissions scandal

By Gillian Crotty We have started to receive an increasing number of calls from car owners in Northern Ireland who believe they own a vehicle affected by the recent Volkswagen emissions... Read more

60 per cent of SMEs waive late payment compensation to avoid offence

By Gillian Crotty A new survey suggests that 60 per cent of small business owners waive the late payment compensation they are entitled to in order to avoid causing offence to... Read more

Solicitor sacked for comments made online following football match

By Gillian Crotty A solicitor who was a partner in the London based law firm Goldberg Segalla has been sacked following an online interview that appeared on Youtube and elsewhere online,... Read more