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Mortgage lending to Northern Ireland property purchasers fell in Q1

Mortgage lending to Northern Ireland property purchasers fell in Q1

By Lauren Burns There was a fall in the number of new mortgages lent to property purchasers in Northern Ireland in the first 3 months of this year. According to new figures... Read more

Ashers bakery to appeal discrimination judgment

Ashers bakery has decided to appeal the Belfast Court decision that it discriminated against Gareth Lee by refusing to fulfill his order for a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan. The... Read more

NI barristers quit criminal cases over further legal aid cuts

By Neil Logan Barristers in Northern Ireland have announced that they will not take on any new criminal cases funded by legal aid in protest at the latest proposed cuts in... Read more

Ex-wives challenge divorce payouts over concealment of wealth

By Lenore Rice Two ex-wives will go to the Supreme Court to challenge the divorce payouts they received because they have subsequently learned that their husbands lied about the full extent... Read more

Demand for offices in Belfast boosting commercial property market

The growing demand for Grade A offices in Belfast is continuing to boost the commercial property market, with yet another announcement of a key office development this week. Belfast City Council... Read more

Optimism despite NI property transaction level and price decline

The Northern Ireland property market has gone through a strong period of stabilisation over the past couple of years, and while the most recent residential property price index shows a... Read more

More grandparents seek legal advice on access to grandchildren

An increasing number of grandparents are seeking legal advice on how to get access to spend time with their grandchildren following a divorce or family feud, according to new figures. The... Read more

Millionaire US lawyer wins divorce custody battle over piano

By Lenore Rice Divorce cases in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can occasionally throw up the bizarre and peculiar when it comes to couples fighting over their assets,... Read more

Belfast Court rules bakery discriminated against gay customer

By Gillian Crotty The Belfast Crown Court has ruled that a bakery discriminated against a gay customer when it refused to fulfill an order for a cake bearing a message supporting... Read more

Law Society to take David Ford to court over legal aid reform

The Law Society of Northern Ireland will join with the bar council top bring legal action against justice minister David Ford over the new legal aid rules. It is hoped the... Read more