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2000 NI first time buyers in Q4 of last year

2000 NI first time buyers in Q4 of last year

By Michelle Rock Approximately 2,000 first time buyers completed the purchase of a property in Northern Ireland in the last quarter of 2014, taking the total for the year up to... Read more

Research suggests drivers using mobiles to text or surf web

By Neil Logan Drivers who operate a mobile phone while behind the wheel are more likely to be sending a text, using social media or surfing the web than actually making... Read more

£1.3m compensation for daughter who was promised inheritance

By Lenore Rice The High Court in Cardiff has awarded £1.3million compensation to a woman who worked for nothing on her parents farm for years on the promise that she would... Read more

Report shows domestic violence victims could be helped quicker

By Lenore Rice A new report suggests that victims of domestic abuse on average suffer at the hands of their aggressor for 2.7 years before they receive effective help. The research from... Read more

Northern Ireland only UK region to see quarterly mortgage growth

By Natasha Adamson Northern Ireland was the only region in the UK to experience a growth in mortgage lending in Q4 of last year according to new figures from the Council... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt is participating in NI Hospice Make a Will Month

By Lenore Rice Throughout the month of March clients can write a Will with Wilson Nesbitt and make a donation to Northern Ireland Hospice instead of paying the standard solicitor fee. Make... Read more

Wife divorced from millionaire told by judge to get a job

By Lenore Rice The ex-wife of a millionaire has been told by a judge that she needs to stop living off her ex-husband's money and to go "get a job". Tracey Wright... Read more

Northern Ireland employers failed to pay minimum wage

By Gillian Crotty The government has 'named and shamed' companies in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK that have failed to pay their employees the minimum wage. New rules were... Read more

Closure of ward at Bangor Community Hospital was unlawful

Campaigners have successfully won a High Court declaration that the closure of a 20-bed ward at Bangor Community Hospital was unlawful. Eleanor Wilson, who uses the hospital, began judicial review proceedings... Read more

Regulation not ban of zero hour contracts in Northern Ireland

By Gillian Crotty Employment Minister Stephen Farry has concluded a review into the use of zero-hours contracts in Northern Ireland by suggesting that they should be regulated rather than banned. Zero-hours contracts... Read more