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Northern Ireland property prices increased in July

Northern Ireland property prices increased in July

By Lauren Burns Property prices in Northern Ireland increased by 4.5 per cent in the year to the end of July, but was the region with the lowest house value gains... Read more

Inheritance tax implications of rising property prices

By Lenore Rice Northern Ireland property owners have learned that their house values increased by the lowest amount of the whole of the UK in the year to the end of... Read more

NI business fears competition from independent Scotland

By Neil Logan Business leaders in Northern Ireland have spoken of their support for a 'No' vote in Thursday's independence vote in Scotland. Businesses in Northern Ireland currently sell £1billion in goods... Read more

Northern Ireland court removes child from mother

By Lenore Rice The High Court in Northern Ireland has approved the removal of a child from her mother, and for the 13-year-old girl to be housed at a centre in... Read more

Quarter of property owners deal with nuisance neighbours

By Michelle Rock A quarter of property owners in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have to deal with nuisance neighbours according to a new survey by Which? The research... Read more

Northern Ireland woman wins medical negligence compensation

By Gillian Crotty A woman Northern Ireland woman is to receive £400,000 in medical negligence compensation in respect of a potentially fatal blot clot that developed after she gave birth. The woman... Read more

Northern Ireland Phones 4u employees await redundancy news

By Neil Logan Employees of Northern Ireland branches of Phones 4u today learned that all of the 500 stores across the UK would be closed after the chain went into administration. Approximately... Read more

Northern Ireland debt levels higher than rest of UK

By Gillian Crotty People in Northern Ireland have on average 20 per cent higher levels of personal debt that the rest of the UK according to a new report. The figures produced... Read more

Aviva warns people to plan for possibility of divorce

By Lenore Rice Couples are being advised to plan for the worst case scenario of divorce and create a financial plan to avoid thousands of pounds in costs in the event... Read more

Apology for ambulance delay to reach man 500 yds away

By Gillian Crotty The widow of a man who suffered a stroke and had to wait under an hour for an ambulance despite living 500 yards away from the hospital has... Read more