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Mortgage borrowers need to prepare for end of interest rate holiday

Mortgage borrowers need to prepare for end of interest rate holiday

By Lauren Burns A new study considers that millions of mortgage borrowers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are not prepared for the impact of higher interest rates,... Read more

Report considers why medical negligence complaints doubled

By Gillian Crotty A new report looks at why medical negligence claims and other complaints against doctors doubled over a five year period, and suggests that the increase is due to... Read more

Remortgagors heed rate increase warnings and choose to fix

Existing homeowners remortgaging their property have historically been more willing to take their chances with variable rate mortgage products compared to new property purchasers, but data from June suggests that... Read more

10 year wait for Northern Ireland property price recovery

By Christine Farrell It has been estimated that it could take ten years for Northern Ireland property prices to climb back to the same levels they were at before the property... Read more

97 pc of NI repossession sales result in mortgage shortfall

By Michelle Rock Almost all sales (97 per cent) of repossessed properties in Northern Ireland resulted in a shortfall which is still owed by the mortgage borrower to the lender even... Read more

Fear of rates rises draws borrowers to fixed rate mortgages

By Natasha Adamson New mortgage borrowers are being drawn to fixed rate mortgage products because of fears of future increase rate rises, according to Moneyfacts. There are over 2,000 different fixed rate... Read more

Rise in Northern Ireland commerical property investment

By Neil Logan There has been a sharp increase in investment in Northern Ireland commercial property in 2014, with £144million spent in the first two quarters of the year. According to property... Read more

Jail for Belfast drink driver who caused head-on collision

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland woman has been given a 9 month jail sentence by Belfast Crown Court after causing a head-on collision while drink driving. Briege O'Hara, aged 61 from... Read more

Over 75pc of night time arrests in NI involve alcohol

By Neil Logan A new report by the Department of Health says that 77 per cent of people in Northern Ireland who were arrested by the police between 10pm and 6am... Read more

GP and NHS failed to spot cancer despite repeated visits

By Gillian Crotty A woman visited or contacted her GP on 17 occasions and went to the accident and emergency department twice before giving up and going to a private hospital... Read more