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Sisters remove mother as administrator of father's estate

Sisters remove mother as administrator of father's estate

By Lenore Rice The wife of multi-millionaire Northern Ireland man Michael Hoey has been removed as his personal representative after the High Court in Belfast ruled that she did not understand... Read more

Men win sex discrimination pay case against university

By Gillian Crotty A group of 18 men have successfully brought a claim of sexual discrimination against their University employer over unequal pay. The group of caretakers and maintenance staff worked for... Read more

Fatal hospital error as doctor removes ovary instead of appendix

By Gillian Crotty A junior doctor has been described as 'out of his depth' when he operated on a pregnant woman to remove her appendix, and removed her ovary by mistake.... Read more

Tax investigations for Northern Ireland landlords

  HMRC is targeting landlords big and small in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK with their latest Second Homes Campaign.  Recent government estimates are that there are up... Read more

Fewer Northern Ireland companies with serious debt problems

By Gillian Crotty A new report suggests that there are fewer Northern Ireland companies with serious debt problems compared to last year. The Red Flag report in respect of the first quarter... Read more

Law Society advises Will writers on digital legacies

By Lenore Rice The Law Society has advised Will writers of the importance of clear instructions when it comes to their digital legacies. Many testators now have digital or online property, such... Read more

Drop in number of down-valuations of Northern Ireland properties

By Christine Farrell There was a decrease in the number of properties in Northern Ireland that were down-valued for mortgage purposes in the first quarter of this year. According to the Overestimate... Read more

Passengers reluctant to challenge drink drivers

By Neil Logan A new survey has revealed that a quarter of passengers who have been in a car driven by someone who had been drinking were too embarrassed to challenge... Read more

NI fraud victim criticises suspended jail sentence

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man who lost £50,000 as a result of a Spanish property fraud has voiced his frustration that the woman who took his money will not... Read more

Man says he signed divorce document without his glasses

By Lenore Rice A High Court judge has been told by an unnamed 'rich Arab' that he was not wearing his glasses when he signed a divorce document that required him... Read more