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Interest rates remain frozen at 0.5 per cent following MPC vote

Interest rates remain frozen at 0.5 per cent following MPC vote

By Natasha Adamson The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has voted to maintain the interest rate freeze at 0.5 per cent, following another 8-to-1 vote. Ian McCafferty was once again... Read more

Compensation for loss of life in Northern Ireland to be reviewed

By Gillian Crotty The Department of Justice in Northern Ireland is to consider whether the compensation amount for loss of life through negligence should be raised to bring it into line... Read more

Increasing in number of people contesting a Will in court

By Lenore Rice Figures from the Ministry of Justice have revealed a large increase in the number of people going to court to contest a Will. Complex family structures are thought to... Read more

Mental health care is insufficient in rural parts of Northern Ireland

By Gary Adair A new study suggests that people in rural parts of Northern Ireland with mental health issues receive a poorer standard of care than those in cities and towns. The... Read more

Further activity in the Northern Ireland commercial property market

By Neil Logan British Land, one of the largest commercial property firms in the UK has put three retail sites in Northern Ireland on the market for sale. The Northern Ireland commercial... Read more

Call for Inheritance tax to be merged with Capital Gains Tax

By Lenore Rice The Institute of Directors is calling for inheritance tax in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK to be scrapped, with the group's head of taxation, Stephen... Read more

Northern Ireland company fined for employee exposure to asbestos

By Lenore Rice Mettallix Ltd in Ballymena has been given a fine of £6,000 plus costs for health and safety breaches that resulted in the "needless" exposure of employees to asbestos... Read more

Small businesses dealing with 8 per cent increase in unpaid invoices

By Gillian Crotty There has been an 8 per cent increase in outstanding invoices owed to SMEs in Northern Ireland and the rest of UK compared to last year, according to... Read more

Constructors warn of a new Northern Ireland property bubble

By Michelle Rock Northern Ireland could experience another property bubble as a result of a lack of new houses being built, according to the Construction Employers Federation (CEF). It has previously been... Read more

Rate increase would cause difficulties for half of mortgage borrowers

By Natasha Adamson A half of mortgage borrowers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK expect to face financial difficulty when interest rates eventually increase, according to a new... Read more