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Mum told 6 children she was popping out and then flew to Australia

Mum told 6 children she was popping out and then flew to Australia

By Lenore Rice Parents often query at what age they can leave their children at home alone in order to do some errands, or go out for the evening, but one... Read more

Falling house prices help make Belfast most improved city

By Lauren Burns A new report suggests that falling property prices have helped Belfast to the title of most improved city in the UK. The 2014 'good growth for cities index' looks... Read more

2000 mortgages advanced to Northern Ireland first time buyers in Q3

By Michelle Rock There were 2,000 mortgages advanced to first time buyers in Northern Ireland between the months of July and September, remaining largely the same as the previous quarter as... Read more

Wife could earn £100m settlement by moving divorce to UK

By Lenore Rice London can continue it's reputation as the divorce capital of the world as yet another big money divorce could potentially be moved there to secure a larger divorce... Read more

Why modern life for over-50s makes writing a Will a necessity

By Lenore Rice Surveys consistently conclude that approximately 7 out of every 10 adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have a Will, and there is... Read more

Basic medical procedure failure results in fatal mix up

By Gillian Crotty The failure to follow a very basic medical procedure resulted in the death of man who was given the wrong prescription. Edlie George Masters, aged 83, was waiting on... Read more

Finance Minister for NI warns of 'considerable' redundancies

By Gillian Crotty The Finance Minister for Northern Ireland, Simon Hamilton, has said that there will be a "considerable" number of public sector employees made redundant, but can't yet confirm the... Read more

NI developer says bank should have warned of property crash

By Gillian Crotty Michael Taggart, formerly a property developer and one of the wealthiest men in Northern Ireland, says the Ulster bank should have warned him about their serious concerns about... Read more

Over 40s frozen out of mortgage market by new lending criteria

By Natasha Adamson Lenders are warning that the new rules introduced in the Mortgage Market Review in April of this year are locking people in their 40s out of the mortgage... Read more

Divorce study highlights need for a managed separation

By Lenore Rice A new study into the impact of divorce on children by the the association of family law solicitors, Resolution, highlights the need to manage the separation as carefully... Read more