Apprentice winner claims constructive dismissal

The winner of the BBC program The Apprentice in 2010, Stella English, is claiming constructive dismissal at an Employment Tribunal, saying she had no real role at the firm.

She told the tribunal that she was "an overpaid lackey", and on the first day she was told by her boss at the IT company Viglen that there was "no job" for her. She also described how she was ostracised by her colleagues, who told her that she had taken a position from another woman. Ms English, aged 34, said that she was not given any specific duties in her first four-month probationary period, and that she was just doing basic administration work She was offered a role in a different company by Lord Sugar, and although similar problems emerged, she was enjoying her work.

In September 2011 she was told her contract would not be renewed, which she described as a "bombshell". Winners of the TV show 'The Apprentice' are guaranteed a £100,000 salaried job, and Ms English told that the tribunal that she went on the show to become an apprentice of Lord Sugar, but that she only saw him 5 times during her 13 months at Viglen.

The hearing continues.

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