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Northern Ireland accident victims receive less compensation than rest of UK

Northern Ireland accident victims receive less compensation than rest of UK

ByGary Adair Victims of road accidents, accidents at work or medical negligence in Northern Ireland are receiving much less than the rest of the UK according to the Ministry of Justice... Read more

Some legal tips for home owners who want to improve instead of move

ByIan CreightonA large number of home owners are thought to be looking to improve their house rather than move to another one, and remortgaging is often used to release some... Read more

What employers should learn from NI teacher indirect sex discrimination case

Employers in Northern Ireland should take note of the recent indirect sex discrimination case that was brought by a part time teacher that was settled out of court, and in... Read more

New report reveals the Northern Ireland roads with the most speeding motorists

By Gary Adair New statistics released by the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership have revealed that almost 41,000 speed-related offences were recorded in 2018, an increase of over 30% from... Read more

No-fault divorce option takes another step forward

By Lenore Rice Last month, Lord Chancellor David Gauke introduced the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill to the House of Commons, and last week the Bill reached the committee stage. The... Read more

High Court rules to allow trust to treat illegitimate child as beneficiary

By Lenore Rice The trustees of a discretionary settlement worth £80m have received permission from the High Court to treat one of the settlor’s descendants as a beneficiary, despite being born... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 4

By Lenore Rice At Wilson Nesbitt we wholly understand that writing a Will is a difficult thing to even think about, as we are very aware that nobody really wants to... Read more

Inheritance dispute relies on Court to decide order elderly couple passed away

By Lenore Rice The estate of an elderly couple who were both discovered having passed away in their homes is being disputed by their stepdaughters. The dispute, currently being heard in... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 3

By Lenore Rice In the second part of our Wills Legal Guide, we looked at the initial steps involved in writing a Will, such as listing your beneficiaries and estimating the... Read more

Number of Domestic Abuse Cases in Northern Ireland at Record High

By Lenore Rice New statistics published by the Police Service of Northern Ireland reveal that the number of domestic abuse incidents in Northern Ireland are now at a record high. The statistics,... Read more