Teacher claims unfair dismissal over asbestos complaint

Teacher Kike Gbinigie is bringing a claim for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination against Birmingham City Council, as she claims she was sacked from her job after complaining about asbestos management at the school.

Mrs Gbinigie, who worked at Dorrington Primary School, was asked to work in a hut in the school's grounds, something other teachers were expected to do as well on a rota basis. In her role as a union representative, Mrs Gbinigie made a whistle blowing allegation about asbestos in the school, alleging it was not being managed satisfactorily. She was later suspended from her job before ultimately being dismissed.

The council denied the unfair dismissal and racial discrimination claims at the tribunal, and a strategic leader at the school, Loretta Barratt, said that Mrs Gbinigie was aggressive in her complaints about the asbestos, and that her personality had changed. She also says the asbestos was largely confined to the boiler room and that the extent of its presence in the school had been misrepresented.

The hearing continues.

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