English Tycoon's divorce will not be heard in UK

The Appeal Court has upheld the decision of the High Court to prevent an English property tycoon's wife from divorcing him through the courts in England, because he convinced the judges that he was no longer a resident of the UK.

Paul Saward married his wife Maria in Gibraltar in 2009 and the couple lived near Alicante, Spain. In June 2011 Mrs Saward left her husband and applied for a decree nisi in order to have the divorce case heard in the English courts, which have a reputation for handing down better divorce settlements to the wives of wealthy men. The decree nisi was initially granted, with Mrs Saward saying that her husband did not like Spain and that the bulk of his property portfolio was in Southampton, his family lived there, and his yacht was most regularly docked there.

However, the High Court overturned the decree nisi after it decided that Mr Saward's permanent residence was in Spain. A letter written by Mr Saward while in his yacht in Southampton was given particular weight, as the language made it clear that he considered himself a visitor to England, and was looking forward to getting "home" to Spain. The Appeal Court upheld the decision of the High Court, and the divorce case cannot proceed in the UK courts.

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