Billionaire loses out by rejecting divorce settlement offer

By Lenore Rice

There has been another twist in the divorce involving the world's largest financial settlement, as it has been revealed that the Russian billionaire husband could have saved himself $3.8billion if he had accepted an earlier settlement offer from his wife.

A court in Switzerland this week decided upon the divorce case of Dmitry Rybolovlev and his wife Elena, which had lasted six years. It ordered that Mr Rybolovlev pay his ex-wife a divorce settlement of $4.8billion - the largest amount ever. However, it has now transpired that last year his wife offered to settle the divorce for $1billion, but her husband refused the offer. He says that his trust refused to authorise the payment, but his wife disputes that, saying Mr Rybolovlev "controls the trust".

It has also been revealed that Elena is not content with her record divorce settlement, and is now going after properties which she believes were hidden assets. Her husband's legal team says the settlement prohibits her from going after the properties in question.

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