Law is a 'secure profession' in times of economic uncertainty

Law is seen as a "safe profession" to gain a qualification in during times of financial upheaval, with law schools expecting a rise in applicants in the wake of the credit crunch.

The Times reports that many students who once may have gone into the banking or finance professions could now be turning to law in the hope of becoming a solicitor, barrister or taking up another legal role.

BPP Law School has seen its recruitment spike over the past few months, with its graduate diploma in law proving particularly popular.

Peter Crisp, chief executive of BPP, says that students see law as a safe haven in difficult times, going on to point out that a legal qualification is "internationally recognised" and could open many career doors.

The City Law school is to offer a new course, the LLM in international dispute resolution, which it says has been specifically designed "in reaction to the current economic climate".

Queens University in Belfast has taught law since 1845.

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