Investigation announced into safety of vaginal mesh implants

By Gary Adair

Due to the vast amount of women worldwide claiming for life changing problems as a result of vaginal mesh surgery, Health Officials in England have decided to launch a retrospective investigation into the procedure.

Statistics estimate that over 100,000 women in the UK have had vaginal mesh surgery to treat complications such as inconsistence or pelvic organ prolapse, usually post childbirth. Women have complained of constant pain coupled with negative impacts on family life and mental health. The official complication rate for vaginal mesh surgery is between 1-3% but recent studies have shown it to be anything between 10-15% due to the number of women coming forward to make a claim.

The investigation has been prompted after countries such as Australia and New Zealand have banned certain mesh products. Closer to home, NHS Scotland have suspended the use of mesh products due to clinical concerns.

Owen Smith MP, Chair of the APPG on Surgical Mesh Implants has said “I'm delighted that the Government has listened to my concerns and has now agreed to undertake this audit to get a better understanding of complications related to mesh surgery. I hope the audit will provide crucial answers about the proportion of women adversely affected."

At present, it has been recorded that over 800 women have commenced legal action in the UK. The number of claims is rising daily. If you require legal advice from a medical negligence solicitor in Northern Ireland in respect of injury or loss suffered as a result of vaginal mesh surgery, contact Wilson Nesbitt in Belfast or Bangor by clicking here.