Belfast unit set up to deal with vaginal mesh implant problems

By Gary Adair

A new specially-accredited unit has been established to deal with patients suffering from vaginal mesh implant-related problems at Belfast City Hospital.

The unit was created in response to an increasing number of women in Northern Ireland coming forward to say that they had been physically and mentally scarred by the vaginal mesh implants. Hundreds of women in Northern Ireland have sought help to deal with mesh-related problems, with many describing how they were caused excruciating pain as a result of the mesh cutting into their tissue.

Patients who are treated at the new unit can be referred to have the mesh removed in a hospital in Northern Ireland or England if deemed suitable.

An audit was carried out in 2013 in respect of women who had vaginal mesh implants, looking at how they were prepared for the operation and any complications during or immediately after the procedure. The results are expected to be published imminently.

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