Employment minister concern of losing money to help N.I. businesses

Sir Reg Empey has voiced his concerns that less money will be made available to help Northern Ireland businesses as a result of the need to cut as much as £370 million from government costs.

The Employment minister did however pledge to help businesses suffering as a result of the recession in a meeting held with politicians and business leaders in Londonderry’s Guildhall.

He predicted that funds would be taken from his department saying “.. there’s no question about it that we are going to lose money, that is a given. The question is how best we can protect it."


“My department is here to help. It is people and businesses that have borne the brunt of this recession and it is people and businesses that have been the focus of my department’s work. I have put in place initiatives ... and they will help mitigate the impact of the recession and help us make the most of the recovery when it comes", he continued.

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