Cross-border e-commerce set to improve

The EU's consumer commissioner has proposed new regulation which would make it easier for businesses to operate online across the borders of member states.

While around 150 million EU citizens purchase goods over the internet, only 30 million of these - 20 per cent - purchase products from other member countries.

Of those businesses which sell cross-border, only 17 per cent of revenue comes from sales from other countries.

In a speech, the commissioner Meglena Kuneva said: "A single, simple set of core rights and obligations will make it easier for consumers and business to buy and sell across Europe."

She will also call for rules to eliminate unfair trading among internet companies.

Around 56 per cent of customers in the EU who have the internet at home have been found to have made an online purchase, an EU survey found.

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According to, e-commerce can bring "significant benefits" to both retailers and consumers.

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