Hoff makes off with libel compensation

Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff has been awarded a "substantial", yet undisclosed, amount of compensation after his solicitors successfully sued a magazine for libel.

An article in the version of OK! Magazine that was published in Britain and Northern Ireland on July 3rd claimed that Mr Hasselhoff had been "off his face" and "abusive" in a Los Angeles nightclub.

The allegations came just after the actor had successfully won custody of his daughters after sobering up from a well-documented period of bingeing on alcohol.

Mr Hasselhoff's lawyer, Simon Smith, told judge Justice Teare at London's High Court that his client had been "independently tested" for alcohol consumption on the day in question and is now a teetotaller.

Clearing the truth of the matter up, Mr Smith said that a representative from the night club had testified that Mr Hasselhoff was drinking Rockstar energy drinks rather than alcohol when he visited it on June 15th to celebrate winning the custody battle.

"The witness accompanied and sat with Mr Hasselhoff throughout the evening and confirms that at no stage did he drink alcohol, was drunken or otherwise acted in an inappropriate manner towards staff, friends or guests," Mr Smith added.

It was ruled that OK!'s allegations were "entirely false", which the publishers now accepted, and added that the magazine would run an apology as well as pay damages.

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