Four Northern Ireland cities in UK affordable property list

By Michelle Rock

list of the ten most affordable places in the UK to buy a home, and four of the cities are in Northern Ireland

The report by Lloyds Bank suggests that across the UK cities homes are at their most unaffordable level in 6 years, with a property in a city costing on average 6.1 times as much as the gross average annual wage. There are however some cities where properties are particularly more affordable when compared to the average local wage. The city to top the list was Stirling in Scotland, but 2nd, 6th, 7th and 9th place were all cities in Northern Ireland as follows:

  • 2nd - Londonderry - average property costing 3.92 times the gross average annual earnings
  • 6th - Belfast - average property costing 4.49 times the gross average annual earnings
  • 7th - Newry - average property costing 4.51 times the gross average annual earnings
  • 9th - Lisburn - average property costing 4.63 times the gross average annual earnings


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