70 domestic abuse calls to PSNI every day

By Lenore Rice

Police in Northern Ireland are receiving 70 calls relating to domestic abuse incidents every day, and while that number in itself is cause for concern, a senior judge has warned that a large number of victims are not speaking out.

Mr Justice Weir was dealing with the case of a man who was accused of attacking his ex-wife twice in just over a month. On 8th August Charles Ward, aged 35, was claimed to have punched his ex-wife in the face during an altercation in respect of her son's phone and computer that Mr Ward was said to be trying to take. Their was a second incident in which the High Court was told that Mr Ward allegedly hit his ex-wife again. However, the victim and her son have refused to make statements of complaint.

The judge commented on the difficulty the police in Northern Ireland have in tackling domestic abuse, when they are called out to an incident but the victim refuses to make a complaint, or if they have made one, are not willing to give evidence in court.

Mr Ward has been released on bail to live at an address in Dungannon but has been banned from contacting his ex-wife or entering Coalisland.

Recent polls suggest 1 in 3 women have been the victim of domestic abuse, and statistics show that victims can suffer as many 34 incidents of abuse before making a report to the police.

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