Separation Deed polls favoured over divorce

The Office for National Statistics has released a report showing a 6.4% decrease in the number of divorces in England and Wales since 2008, however, it would appear that it is more a case of cost than marital bliss that is keeping the divorce rate down.

Speaking on behalf of The Legal Deed Poll Service (LDPS) , Tina Clough advised that they were "inundated with applications from individuals who simply cannot afford to get a divorce in the current economic climate and are instead opting to merely change their names until their financial situation improves."

Ms Clough went on to say that a lot of women who have not filed for divorce get in contact with the LDPS in order to apply for Deed Poll restoring their maiden name, and to switch their title to 'Miss' - others do it while waiting for divorce proceedings to be finalised in order to switch as quickly as possible to their maiden name again; some bodies and official organisations require a Deed Poll as proof of a name change.

So it would seem that while statistics on divorce suggest that fewer couples are separating, the reality may be that marriage, and more particularly, divorce, is yet another area of life effected by the struggling economy.

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