Domestic violence conference to be held

Worldwide experts on domestic violence are to come to a conference at Europe's first Family Justice Centre in Croydon.

The conference will take place on July 24th and 25th and will discuss issues such as forced marriages, honour killings, domestic violence and child abuse, reports.

A new charity, CRT, will also be launched and will campaign for the opening of more family justice centres around Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the news provider says.

Over the past two years, the centre in Croydon has helped a total of 9,500 families, providing solicitors, medical advice, support, education and other bodies designed to help those suffering from problems in the home.

Cabinet member for safety and cohesion, councillor Steve O'Connell praised the success of family justice centres: "We help hundreds of families each month. Quite simply this centre saves lives."

"We've brought dozens of services together under one roof to give victims the help they need to rebuild their lives."

According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, domestic abuse is characterised by a pattern of control over victims and can be, among other things, threats, violence, sexual abuse and emotional torment.

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