Home Office campaign set to focus on teenage abuse

The Home Office is aiming to educate young people about some of the problems relating to abusive relationships through a new awareness campaign.

Among the tools being used to highlight this issue, the acclaimed director Shane Meadows has contributed a TV commercial which will deal with the topic of violence against young women.

Alan Johnson, the UK's home secretary, suggests that it is vital that young people are made aware of the abuse that can arise in relationships.

"We hope this campaign will help teenagers to recognise the signs of abuse and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to seek help, as well as understanding the consequences of being abusive," he stated.

Along with a presence on television, the government's campaign will see the creation of a website which will be able to point teenagers in the right direction to gain support if they have to put up with abuse.

In Northern Ireland, people can gain advice about domestic violence by calling the country's 24-Hour Domestic Violence Helpline.
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