Charity launches anti-domestic violence campaign

Anti-domestic abuse charity Refuge has launched a campaign intended to warn people about the early warning signs of domestic abuse.

Research from Refuge has shown 87 per cent of women were not given information about domestic violence in school and three-quarters of respondents were not aware that psychological control such as jealousy and possessiveness were classed as forms of domestic violence.

Half of those who took part in the survey had experienced some sort of domestic violence but of this 50 per cent, only one fifth would talk to someone about it.

Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, said two women are killed by a current or former partner each week - "a huge statistic".

Ms Horley added: "It's all too easy for women to excuse their partner's possessive and jealous behaviour - but in so doing they run the risk of the abuse increasing in frequency and severity over time."

Women's Aid in Northern Ireland runs a helpline for those suffering from domestic abuse on 0800 917 1414 and it also offers advice and refuge for those needing to leave their partners.

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