Abusive-partner killers 'not murderers'

People who are driven to killing their abusive partners are not the same as murderers, according to a domestic violence victim writing in the Belfast Telegraph.

Nicola Henry told the newspaper that after a decade living under the influence of an abusive partner, she believes those driven to violence do not deserve to be imprisoned.

Under proposals outlined by security minister Paul Goggins, defenders who have been "seriously wronged" or faced the fear of "serious violence" could be convicted of manslaughter as opposed to murder.

Ms Henry said some abused women saw killing their partners as "the only way out".

She explained: "You know there is a chance that he would do it to you; you're always going to feel that it’s only a matter of time before he kills you."

Women's Aid in Northern Ireland promises to offer victims of domestic abuse and their dependent children refuge and emotional support.

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