Divorce 'leads to happier lives'

Increased divorce rates do not mean a weakening of the family unit, but actually prevent the "huge human misery" created by social taboos in the past, a commentator has said.

Writing in the Guardian, Mark Lawson remarked that the past was not a "golden age", rather warring couples were forced to live a life where many experienced physical or mental cruelty.

He added that without taking drastic steps such as banning divorce, David Cameron would be unable to deliver any solutions to the fractures he has identified in society.

Mr Lawson commented that many people such as the teaching union Voice look back on the past as a time of contentment - where children were better behaved and there was a better moral framework.

In 2006, then work and pensions secretary John Hutton caused controversy by saying children living with two parents had a greater chance of success in life.

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