Mothers calling for more family justice centres

The mothers of three women who were killed by violent ex-partners are calling for the establishment of more family justice centres around Britain and Northern Ireland.

Tricia Bernal claimed that her daughter Clare would not have been shot by former boyfriend Michael Pech if she had been able to access the services of one of the centres, the Croydon Guardian reports.

Similarly, Carol Faruqui told a conference in Croydon that her child Rana would have been able to avoid being stabbed if she had been adequately protected.

In 2004, the newspaper says, there were five domestic murders committed in Croydon but the following year, after the opening of the family justice centre there, the number of this type of death dropped to zero.

Ms Bernal explained to the Croydon Guardian: "The police are driven by conviction rates and they often don't have appropriate training. The Justice Centre is all about protecting the victims."

According to the Women's Aid in Northern Ireland, every year some 17,000 women in Northern Ireland contact the charity for advice about domestic violence.

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