Legal changes ahead for domestic violence defence

The government has announced that the law governing women who kill their partners following periods of domestic violence is to change.

Under legal changes, the defences for those women who are on trial for murder in these cases are to be widened and clarified, the Guardian reports.

Speaking to Julie Bindel for the newspaper, counsellor Sandra from South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre explained: "When you work with women who've experienced sexual violence, you constantly wonder whether they are going to live or die. When they survive, it's a bonus."

In related news, a report from the NSPCC has found that police and social workers have sometimes overlooked cases of domestic violence because they were not sure how to deal with Asian victims.

According to Divorce Aid, domestic violence, controlling behaviour or sexual abuse can often lead people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to seek advice from solicitors and file for divorce.

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