War 'causing divorce and domestic abuse'

Long deployments in war zones are causing disputes between partners and provoking domestic violence in the US, it has been claimed.

According to divorce lawyers in the country, the phenomenon, which could also be apparent among couples in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which has seen the break up of many young couples in the country, is harming children.

Speaking to the Associated Press (AP), school counsellor Teresa Moss explained that children with parents deployed in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan often met together in the playground to discuss their experiences.

In addition, AP reports, a study carried out by the Pentagon recently found that children from army families were more at risk of neglect and abuse when their fathers were away in Iraq or Afghanistan.

A survey carried out by mental health experts working for the US army also found that 15 per cent of married soldiers serving in Iraq were planning to divorce their wives.

In 2006 it was found that thousands of UK troops in Iraq had suffered from mental health problems, with one in five Iraq veterans suffering some kind of mental illness.

According to the Guardian, the conflict was also believed to have increased the number of people consulting solicitors for a divorce in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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