Alcohol research hoped to fight domestic violence

A new study examining the link between the abuse of alcohol and domestic violence is about to begin, reports the Northern Echo.

Chief executive of the North-East Regional Alcohol Forum told a conference that alcohol abuse must be considered in a more "holistic" sense in order to improve treatments for alcoholism.

"It is pointless giving people detox alone as it just doesn't work in isolation - you have to look at all other aspects of life at the same time as providing treatment," he said, the paper reports.

The specific link between young people, binge drinking and violence will also be examined.

Bad relationships, as well as debt and housing problems can have an influence on alcohol misuse, the paper reported.

Divorce advice for those seeking an escape from domestic violence is available from solicitors in Northern Ireland.

According to Home Office figures, domestic violence accounts for 16 per cent of all violent crime and 77 per cent of victims are women.

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