Affairs account for half of NI divorces

Affairs are the cause of half of all divorces that solicitors in Northern Ireland deal with, a higher proportion than in the rest of the UK.

While only 27 per cent of divorcing couple in the whole of the UK cite infidelity for the break up of their marriage, solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland will see half of their divorce clients splitting up due to partners being unfaithful.

This is the result of a survey by at a time when solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are seeing record numbers of people divorcing.

Some 60 per cent of Northern Ireland respondents said boredom was a factor in their unhappy marriages, compared to only 29 per cent of divorcing couples in the rest of the UK.

Relate Northern Ireland chief executive Gerald Clarke said: "Most divorces at this time of year are instigated by women and more infidelities are committed during the Christmas party season than at any other time of the year.

"Christmas is always a stressful time when it comes to relationships because of the myth presented by the media that puts individuals and couples under enormous emotional and financial pressure to live up to the image created."

One in ten blamed domestic violence for the break-up of their marriage, out of the 2,600 couples in Belfast and Northern Ireland who divorced last year.

Indeed domestic violence charities have reported the traditional increase in domestic violence incidents over the festive period.

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