Government to stamp out domestic violence

The government has announced the launch of a department targeted specifically at dealing with the issue of domestic violence.

Tanaiste Michael McDowell said that the Irish Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence would be set up by early summer.

Speaking at the launch of the new National Women's Strategy, Mr McDowell said that the new office would aim to reduce the "despicable" crime of domestic violence across Northern Ireland.

A senior civil servant from the Department of Justice will lead a team of experts from a range of agencies that already exist.

The office will liaise with current support groups for victims of domestic violence and also treatment groups for those who commit the offences.

The news comes as the Police Service of Northern Ireland report a 36 per cent increase in the number of incidents reported over the past couple of years. The forces attend an average of 46 domestic incidents per day although it is suspected that many crimes are still not reported.

Hopefully, solicitors will see fewer cases of people being battered in the home, should the new office prove effective.

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