Belfast man jailed for domestic violence

Belfast resident Jalal Uddin has been given a prison sentence for domestic violence against his former partner despite her pleas to the court for leniency

Mr Uddin is said to have attacked the victim in front of their young son, and during the attack bit off a part of her ear, causing his own defence solicitor to describe it as a "vicious attack". His solicitor described Mr Uddin as an 'honourable man' that was full of remorse, and accepted that a custodial sentence would be required. Judge Stephen Fowler QC said the letter from Mr Uddin's former partner was "of limited assistance to the court" and that the sentence given needed to act as a deterrent to others. He did afterward say that he would "moderate" the sentence by six months to take into account the plea of the victim, and Mr Uddin was given an 18 month prison sentence to be followed by 2 years probation.

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