2 million victims of domestic abuse in 12 months

There were 2 million cases of domestic abuse over the last 12 months according to a new report entitled 'Focus on Violent Crime and Sexual Offences 2011/12', and published by the Office for National Statistics.

While the statistics only cover England and Wales, the report highlights the extent of the problem of domestic abuse, which is equally as common in Northern Ireland and Scotland. While the number of victims of domestic abuse is alarmingly high, there has been no real change in the level of abuse compared to the 2011/11 report, and in some categories of domestic abuse there has been a decrease - non-sexual partner abuse, non-sexual family abuse and stalking. There has been little change to the number of cases of sexual assault.

As would largely be anticipated, themajority of victims of domestic abuse are women, though some people might be surprised that 40% of victims are men. The figures suggest that 7% of women and 5% of men have had an experience of domestic abuse in the last 12 months.

If you or someone you know is suffering domestic violence or abuse, you can contact a solicitor in Northern Ireland for urgent and confidential advice by calling Wilson Nesbitt at 0800 840 1363.