Have you resolved to finally write a Will in 2019?

By Lenore Rice

Writing a Will often appears in a list of New Years resolutions and is something that is regularly put off.

Most people are in agreement that making a Will is a good idea. It is a relatively inexpensive thing to do, and it avoids any doubt and undue delay about what should happen to someone’s estate in the event of their death. The majority of people who write a Will with us tell us they have been thinking and talking about writing a Will for years, but always kept putting it off. The statistics on will writing have remained largely unchanged for the past 10 years, with one in three people in the UK dying without making a Will.

The simple truth is that no one wants to spend too much time dwelling on the possibility that one day they won’t be around. We of course all know that that day has to come sooner or later, but writing a Will requires you to consider your family and their needs in the event of your death, and it can for a lot of people be a very difficult thought process.

Parents of young children will be asked to consider who should take care of their children in the event that something should happen to both the parents, which again, can be a very hard thing to think about… and agree about!

The actual process of writing a Will is otherwise quite simple, once you have gotten past the mental hurdle of deciding that you need to make one, and that you need to do it now.

You can take the first step today by submitting a request for a Wills information pack. It has information about all the things you will need to consider, the different types of Will that there are, and other issues you might need to consider such as trusts, gifts and inheritance tax.

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