Ex husband of 'Little Britain' star dies intestate


Matt Lucas, the comedian and actor best known for his work on 'Little Britain' will not receive any of the £1million estate of his former husband Kevin McGee who took his own life in October last year.

The couple were married in 2006 in a flamboyant civil partnership ceremony, but in 2008 they became the first celebrity couple to divorce since civil partnerships were introduced in 2005.

TV producer McGee’s father, aged 62, will be the Personal Representative, with the £1million estate being split up between family members after tax because Mr McGee died intestate. The estate is thought to be largely made up of the money remaining from the £1.8million settlement from Matt Lucas after the couple split.

Lenore Rice, Head of the Family Law department at Wilson Nesbitt solicitors commented that "this story highlights two important aspects for separating couples - getting the finances sorted and inheritance. 

"It is important to sort the finances of the relationship speedily and get good advice either before entering into a Separation Agreement or during the course of the Ancillary Relief proceedings.  Agreements are today very much 'tight' on succession clauses and also family provision clauses.  They can prevent a disappointed former partner or spouse from bringing a claim on their estate.

"Once the finances have thus been settled the former spouse/partner must recognise the implications on dying both testate (with a Will) and Intestate (without a Will).  With an award from the matrimonial settlement such as this, £1.8m inheritance tax advice would have been pertinent.

"In Northern Ireland where there us no surviving spouse or issues the parents of the deceased take the entire residual estate equally, or if only one, the whole estate absolutely."

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