Britons 'should claim all tax credits'

Taxpayers in the UK should make sure that they claim all of the tax credits available to them, according to a new report.

Independent financial advice promoter has called for people in the country to apply for all available credits in order to avoid paying unnecessary tax.

The failure to claim all credits, such as child and pension tax credits, is predicted to cost taxpayers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland £3.6 billion in the financial year 2008-09.

With the economy moving towards recession and people cutting down on their spending then getting all of the funds available is "more pressing" than ever, the body said.'s chief executive David Elms stated: "The system has been set up to help those on lower incomes, and quite simply if you don't claim your credit, it expires.

"Either use it or you will lose it," he added.

Tax credits are administered by HM Revenue & Customs and are available to nine out of ten people who have children as well as millions of working people.

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