'Most successful companies being driven abroad'

The government's tax policies are driving the best companies abroad to take advantage of more favourable tax rates, the Telegraph reports.

Despite their previous "reputation for economic competence", the government's current tax policy problems, such as complicated inheritance tax obligations, arguments with small business over capital gains tax and the non-dom tax charge row have highlighted a "singular lack of expertise" or the "need to maximise revenues".

According to the Independent, "Britain may now be losing its competitive edge" and the "trickle" of companies leaving the country "could become a flood".

The Telegraph has reported that the number of companies who may consider moving their offices has "taken aback" observers in the city.

Solicitors in Northern Ireland can offer advice on forms of tax including inheritance tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax.

Following the planned departures of Shire and UBM, Sir Martin Sorrell has threatened to move the headquarters of the UK's second-largest advertising agency WPP away from Britain to take advantage of a more favourable tax regime.

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