Buyers on look out for environmental homes in Northern Ireland

Potential homebuyers in Northern Ireland are on the look-out for environmentally-friendly homes in the province.

The Carvill Group's green homes will make up Northern Ireland's first eco-village which is to be built in Lisburn.

According to Richard Acheson from the group, high oil prices and a desire to conserve fuel are behind the high numbers of people taking interest in the scheme.

"It is only in the last three months people have really bought into what [an eco-home] means. They are now aware of renewables and the impact on their pocket."

Heating on the site will be powered by locally-grown willow which will provide fuel at up to 60 per cent of the current cost, developers say.

Some 2,000 potential buyers arrived at the eco-village site Woodbrook's open day.

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, housing minister Caroline Flint described eco-towns as "a unique opportunity" to "confront climate change" and address the current housing shortage.

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