UK consumers warned about late self-assessment fines

Consumers in Northern Ireland and other regions of the UK are being encouraged to ensure that they meet the forthcoming tax self-assessment deadline, in order to avoid the prospect of fines. believes that 2010 may see as much as £503 million spent because of things like tax errors and forms which are submitted after the completion date of January 31st.

The website's chief executive Karen Barrett suggests that consumers should plan ahead if they want to avoid incurring financial penalties.

She commented: "In the current climate where money is tighter than ever, we are urging consumers to take 'tax action' and ensure they fill out their forms correctly and in time."

HM Revenue and Customs has recently emphasised the need for people to go online if they are required to fill out a self-assessment form, as the paper return deadline fell at the end of October 2009.
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