Consumers reminded of filing returns

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may want to remind their clients that the deadline for filing tax returns on paper is this Friday October 31st.
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is currently carrying out a publicity campaigning reminding people of the deadline and has warned that failure to comply may lead to a £100 penalty.

"If you want to avoid a last-minute rush, one option is to switch to online filing," advises HMRC.

"However, if you are filing your tax return on paper, you'll need to act now if you want to beat the deadline and get all the relevant information together, such as your P60 and savings records."

Consumers are advised to visit the HMRC website to file their online returns or call the self assessment helpline if in need of further help.

New changes brought in this year created two separate Self Assessment deadlines - October 31st for paper returns and January 31st for online returns.
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