NI workers most taxed in UK

The level of tax that workers in Northern Ireland pay is the highest in the whole of the UK, according to the Adam Smith Institute.

People in the province pay more than 40 per cent of the value of their wage packet to the taxman, through income deductions, VAT and other taxes.

UUP finance spokesman Roy Beggs said: "The whopping 40.7 per cent is higher than the most affluent regions in the UK. I think it is reasonable to suggest that Northern Ireland is in fact not getting a fair deal."

The Institute reports that workers in Northern Ireland would only be earning for themselves rather than the taxman by June 5th, five days later than the UK average.

Northern Ireland has also paid more tax since Tony Blair came to power by the equivalent of five days, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Welsh workers pay the least tax in the UK, able to keep their own money by May 23rd this year.

With the government's crackdown on tax evasion offences, people should visit their solicitors if they are unsure of how much tax they owe.

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