12000 people sent tax penalty notices in error

Approximately 12000 people who had been previously told they no longer need to complete an income tax self-assessment form have received penalty notices because of an error.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) had notified the people previously that their income tax bill could be dealt with through PAYE and that they didn't need to submit a self-assessment form. The deadline for the submission of the forms by those who were required to complete them has passed and £10 daily fines are being applied from Tuesday for those who have failed to file their returns.

The letters were sent out by HRMC in February and March ahead of the imposition of the fines, with an opportunity given for taxpayers to advise if a change in their circumstances meant they no longer had to complete a self-assessment form. About 130,000 people were remove from self-assessment but nearly 10% of those people, 12,000, received a letter in error saying they would have to pay a penalty for not filing their returns before the deadline. The HMRC apologised for the error and confirmed that no payment was required from these people. 

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