NI couples tie the knot younger

Couples in Northern Ireland get engaged and married younger than anywhere else in the UK, a new study has shown.

A survey commissioned by wedding suppliers Wedding Invitation UK shows that people from Northern Ireland agree to settle down at an average age of 21.3 years and then marry at 22.6, while the national average is 23.5 and 24.9 years respectively.

Despite the rush to say 'I do', couples in Northern Ireland take 7.8 months to actually plan the wedding out, whereas the overall average is 6.8 months.

Irish grooms also take on more responsibility than most with 13 per cent of them doing all the planning, whereas across the UK only an average of five per cent take on this task alone.

Kevin McNamee, of Wedding Invitation UK, commented: "Before this survey I didn't realise just how much the region you lived in had an affect on getting married – it's such a postcode lottery. Our clients come from all over, even overseas, but the survey results clearly show where the hotspots are."

With couples in Northern Ireland taking on partners earlier, it is vital that younger people go to their solicitors and update their wills to include their new spouse.

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