Son challenges Will leaving Ferrari to lover

Magistrate Gary Stolkin, aged 52, is challenging his late father's will which left a Ferrari and yearly allowance to his partner of 12 years, claiming his dad was 'fed up' with her by the time of his death, and that they were no longer living as 'man and wife'.

Leslie Stolkin made a will in 2001, but signed a codicil six weeks before his death, amending the Will to leave his Ferrari to his partner Pauline Greaves, as well as an annual allowance. However, Gary Stolkin claims that at the time of signing the codicil, his father was too confused to have understood what he was signing. He further alleges that his father was 'fed up' with Mrs Greaves, complaining that she didn't cook for him, and that he had said he wanted her to leave the house.

Mrs Greaves rejected the comments that her relationship with Mr Stolkin had come to an end, saying they still lived effectively as 'man and wife' at the time of his death in 2009 from motor neurone disease. She also added that Mr Stolkin had always assured her that he would "look after the money if [she] looked after the house."

The hearing has not yet concluded.

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