Belfast site close to being seized by NIHE

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has successfully won the first part of a court case in a bid to seize back a site of land in Belfast city centre from Lord Diljit Rana.

Control of the 2.6 acre site off Sandy Row in Belfast was given to Lord Rana's company, Lincoln Centre Belfast Limited, in 1998 with the express agreement that it would be developed. However, the site has been run as a car park without planning permission and the original proposed office development has seemingly been set aside.

The NIHE and Lord Rana both issued High Court writs in 2010, with the NIHE objecting to changes in the design of the car park that would accompany the office development to lower costs, saying it was "a lower quality scheme not meeting the original objectives". The NIHE sought to terminate the agreement and the judge upheld their argument and ruled in their favour, saying developers had to "face the consequences" of a fall in the market. A further hearing will take place next week.

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