264 domestic violence arrests in 1 week

An operation carried out by the Metropolitan Police has resulted in 264 arrests on charges of domestic violence in just one week.

The operation began on 26th November in support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which was on the day before. The Metropolitan Police targeted known offenders for both domestic violence and hate crime, with Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrne saying the operation was important to demonstrate to "abusers that their actions have legal, and in some cases, long lasting consequences."  Mr Byrne called the levels of violence and abuse "shocking", saying that "one third of all women will suffer some form of physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their partners."

Suzanne Scott, a solicitor specialising in domestic violence and other family law issues at Wilson Nesbitt in Belfast commented:

"It is really positive to see the focus on dealing with domestic abuse over the past weeks, and important that the message of zero tolerance continues even though this particular police operation has now ended.

"Hopefully victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will take strength from the recent media and police attention, and they, or someone close to them, will reach out and try to get themselves out of the dangerous situation they are in."

If you live in Northern Ireland and have suffered domestic abuse and require legal advice in respect of the options available to you, contact one of the solicitors at Wilson Nesbitt by calling 0800 840 1363. They can assist you to apply for emergency and subsequent Court Orders including Non-molestation and Occupation Orders, Injunctions and Matrimonial Home rights to protect you and your children's interests.