False allegations of domestic violence are rare

A new report by the Crown Prosecution Service is hoped to dispel some of the myths around how many false allegations of rape and domestic violence are made each year.

The report was based on figures over a 17-month period, during which time only 35 charges of false allegations of rape were made, compared to 5,651 prosecutions for rape - making it 161 prosecutions for rape for every 1 prosecution for falsely accusing someone of committing rape.

Even more dramatic, are the figures in respect of domestic violence, with 111,891 prosecutions for domestic violence, compared to 6 charges of false allegations of domestic violence - 18,648 prosecutions for domestic violence for every 1 prosecution of someone for making false allegations of domestic violence.

Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, says the report shows that "false allegations of rape and domestic violence are very rare".

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