Bitter public split ends with 65 sec divorce

It was the separation that showed the danger of taking to social media sites to get at your ex, yet despite being said to be 'at war', the divorce of multi-millionaire socialites Ben and Kate Goldsmith was over in just over a minute.

The details of the split between Ben Goldsmith and his wife Kate were well publicised - her affair with an American rapper followed by his arrest for assault, and petition for divorce on grounds of adultery. An Angry exchange via the social media site Twitter followed, resulting in increased media attention to the couple's divorce.

However, despite the dramatic separation and build up to the divorce, the High Court in London granted the petition to divorce in 65 seconds, holding that Mrs Goldsmith had "committed adultery .. and that the petitioner finds it intolerable to live with the respondent." The couple are thought to be on much better terms now, and Mrs Goldsmith continues to reside at the matrimonial home with their three young children. As well as the usual matter of finances, their future divorce settlement will also need to resolve the issues of child custody, child maintenance and child contact for the non-resident partner.

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