NI Mortgage advisers say only 1 in 4 clients have a Will

By Lenore Rice

The results of a survey of mortgage advisers in Northern Ireland suggests that at best only a quarter of clients purchasing or remortgaging their property have written a Will.

The survey by asked mortgage advisers to consider what percentage of their clients had a Will. An over-whelming majority (86 per cent) said that 0-25 per cent of their clients had written a Will. Only 14 per cent of those who responded to the poll believed that 26-50% of their clients had a Will. A property purchase is often one of the first milestones that triggers a person to make a Will - their new house will quite often be the first large asset in their name.

UK wide statistics regularly suggest that 30 per cent of adults have made a Will, and this survey might even indicate that in Northern Ireland the percentage is lower.

The main reasons given by people for not making a Will are that they don't own enough to need one, they have plenty of time yet, or that all their assets will just go to the right people anyway. A Will costs relatively little to make, often compared to the price of a meal out for two, and yet they can prove priceless when you see families torn apart by disputes over assets, or other estates that face delays or unnecessary expense because no written Will is in place.

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