Tax Cheats in Northern Ireland and rest of UK named by HMRC

HMRC have today published the latest list of deliberate tax defaulters which include individuals and businesses from all parts of mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

This policy is HMRC's latest approach in combating tax evasion and non-compliance and cracks down on the minority seeking to evade tax.

Liam Coulter, head of tax at Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors commented "HMRC are taking tax evasion more seriously and the defaulter list will include those who have cheated the Exchequer of more than £25,000.  In producing this list HMRC are trying to encourage people to come forward and get their tax affairs in order so that they will not face the embarrassment of being named and shamed".  "If anyone has undeclared income it always more beneficial to get in touch with HMRC before they are discovered - this will reduce potential penalty and interest charges".

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