Study suggests divorce more likely if wife falls ill

By Lenore Rice

A study of 2,700 marriages over a 20 year period found that a third of those relationships ended in divorce, and that in half of those divorces the wife had fallen seriously ill.

The study offers no explanation for the apparent trend as revealed by the figures, but simply concludes that women who fall ill are twice as likely to get divorced. Dr Karraker suggests that the findings could have something to do with women being instinctively better caregivers, whereas men do not naturally cope as well. However, before it be concluded that husbands were simply walking away from a complicated situation, Dr Karraker added that in most cases it was the wife who instigated the divorce. She speculated that wives perhaps see that their husbands are unable to cope with the illness and prefer "rely on friends and family who will take care of them."

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