110 domestic abuse incidents in Northern Ireland every day

By Lenore Rice

Over the past year there has been an average of 110 domestic abuse incidents and crimes reported to the police in Northern Ireland each day, but with a problem of under-reporting, it is expected that the scale of domestic violence in the province is much larger.

New statistics show that there were 40,000 reports of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland over the last year, but it is a category of crime that often goes unreported. Women's Aid, a charity that works with victims of domestic violence, are among those calling for the introduction of a disclosure scheme in Northern Ireland similar to Clare's law which was introduced in England and Wales. The scheme was named after Clare Wood who was murdered by her partner who was subsequently discovered to have had a history of abuse. As a result of the scheme, anyone who fears their partner is abusive, or may have been abusive in the past, can go to the police to find out if they have any past convictions or if any complaints have been made against them.

Annie Campbell, director of Women Aid in Northern Ireland, says they have had to deal with multiple victims of one abusive person, and in one case had three families in different refugees that all suffered abuse from the same man. She believes a domestic abuse disclosure scheme would "save lives" in Northern Ireland.

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