Divorce Day - it has nothing to do with Christmas

By Lenore Rice

For several years now, the first Monday of the new year has become known as 'divorce day' in legal circles, as most family law solicitors see a spike in the number of enquiries about divorce.

Many put the increase in people considering divorce down to the Christmas holidays - all that extra time spent with the family, including the in-laws, mixed up with financial stress, alcohol, and other factors. However, the relationship between 'divorce day' and Christmas is little more than timing. If anything, divorce day has more to do with 'New Year' than it does Christmas.

The people who contact Wilson Nesbitt solicitors to speak to a divorce solicitor don't cite a stressful Christmas as the motivating factor behind the call. The majority of those who call us will have been considering separation for sometime, and if anything they have waited until Christmas has passed to avoid an awkward holiday time that is traditionally all about the family. Many of those who call us will reference the New Year, saying they had intended to get advice about a divorce a long time ago, and didn't want another year to pass - it will be Christmas again before you know it!

So, while it is true that there is usually an increase in the number of divorce enquiries in the first week of January, it is not down to an out of the blue fight over Christmas, or another painful weekend with the in-laws. Like any other time of the year, the reasons cited for divorce include growing apart, infidelity, difference in values and beliefs, prolonged periods of stress including financial and health, domestic abuse and others.

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