Call for domestic violence inquiry after two women murdered

By Lenore Rice

Stacy Banner is calling for a public inquiry into the state's response to domestic violence after her sister and murder were killed by a man who she had warned the police was dangerous on several occasions.

In March 2013 Surrey Police confiscated guns belonging to John Lowe after allegations that he had made threats to kill Stacy Banner. However, the guns were subsequently returned to Mr Lowe and the shotgun was used in the murders of Christine Lee and Lucy Lee. At the time Mr Lowe claimed the gun had went off accidentally 3 times because of the way he was holding it and on account of his arthritis. His account was rejected and he was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

An investigation into why the guns were returned to Mr Lowe is being conducted by The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Ms Banner is also backing charity Refuge in it's call for an inquiry into how domestic violence is responded to. She said that she "knew John Lowe was dangerous and that he would kill" and that she had told the police this "more than once". Refuge has begun a petition calling for a public inquiry into the state handling of domestic abuse.

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